Celebrating LOVE and LIFE at Kiki’s Vintage Studio

Max came in for photographs with Sarah 6 months ago. Unfortunately, their relationship had ended: and both parties have found new partners.

Sarah came for photographs with Ryan yesterday, and Max has made an appointment to bring the new love of his life for photographs as a Christmas gift. At Kiki’s, we love the way people celebrate with photographs.

The magical surprise engagements that happen in the studio remain splendid and infused with incredible emotion. These random emotions are so raw that you can’t help but be at awe with the excitement that’s taking place in front of you.

New babies get brought to the studio for a celebration of love and lights. Old couples married for many moons and sunrises pop in for a fabulous photo shoot to celebrate their patient love. Growing families come in groups to celebrate the induction of their newest member d they celebrate with a photo shoot.

Our experience with Emily was one of our most memorable encounters. The child just turned three and wanted to come dressed up like a princess. We photographed Emily’s mom when she was 9 months pregnant with her. The mother and daughter bond that our lenses had captured is a testament of how photographs can relay emotions that words of cannot express.

Kiki’s Vintage Studio has an endless list of instances where love was celebrated in front of our cameras.

Another notable moment was when a family had brought their very old granny for a photo shoot. According to them, their granny might not be healthy enough to pose for photos tomorrow. Hence, the rush behind capturing moments with her.

If there’s one thing in common with all of our photos, it is the insatiable love that can be felt by the person looking at that piece of memory. Love is an emotion devoid of shapes and sizes: and that is the same emotion that we love capturing here in Kiki’s Vintage Studio. Love is the main reason why all of us are naturally photogenic.

Testimonial: A “Thank You!” note from our friends at Bankserv Africa

Subject: Thank you!

Hi Belinda

I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of the ladies in Randburg, they absolutely love the pictures from the photo-shoot, not forgetting how beautiful you made them feel during the entire process.
It’s over a month and the ladies are still raving about their pictures.

Thank you for helping our ladies have an awesome Women’s month.

Kind Regards,



The Importance of having a “Professional” Selfie

A recent adventure led me to the awareness of the impact that decent profile photos make.

Teenagers are of the rare few that manage to take a “selfie” without the photo looking like an analysis of nostrils. In our technological world where personalities are judged based upon one’s profile picture, it is highly recommended that one uses something more flattering.

When roaming through the pics on a dating site, we are viewing through a selection of people who may potentially charm us. If you look like someone who stores dead bodies in the basement it may be the right time to pop in for a professional photograph.

Being photogenic is not up to you. It is entirely up to the photographer to capture the very best of you: and here in Kiki’s Vintage Studio, we know how to bring out your best angle!

Testimonial: Spending Women’s Day 2014 with the Beauties of Bankserv Africa

Dear Madam Kiki,

Bankserv Africa and Woman’s Day 2014 welcome Madam Kiki from Kiki’s Vintage Studio to take part in an unforgettable event.

Women in this day and age have taken on so much that it is very rare that we get to spoil ourselves with something as memorable as the Woman’s Day Photo Shoot that took place at Bankserv Africa.

Madam Kiki spent 7 days working with our group of ladies and in total, she photographed 185. Not only did she do photographs, she also paid special attention to each individual’s preferences. Every lady walked away from the photo shoot feeling special and appreciated.

More often than not, and I am sure most women would agree, that we are so busy taking care of others that we neglect ourselves. Madam Kiki magically brought back the beautiful smiles of many women and encouraged them to see their beauty within themselves again.

On behalf of all the ladies from Bankserv Africa, we would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for this lovely gesture.

Yours Sincerely,

Zelda Wagner
Head of Learning and Deveopment
Tel no: ++27 (0) 11 947 4146
Email: zeldaw@bankservafrica.com



Welcome to Kiki’s Photo Studio in Parys


Welcome to the online home of Kiki’s Vintage Photo Studio.


Kiki’s is a fun studio where you will enjoy every second. Come capture magical moments, dressing up in vintage clothing and laughing lots while creating good old fashioned memories.

“A wondrous place, filled with antique furniture, clothing, cameras, bags and jewelry.”

“It was a totally unexpected experience, one that I will not easily forget. We left Kiki’s Vintage Photo Studio feeling very inspired by Belinda’s story and with huge grins on our faces.”

– Keith Jenkins professional travel blogger from www.velvetescape.com